How to Brush Teeth?

One of the most important factors that cause tooth decay is acid, which is formed as a result of the digestion of food residues by bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, regular brushing is the most important way to prevent tooth decay. Experts recommend brushing teeth after every meal. However, hectic life factors such as work and school do not always make this possible. For this reason, acquiring the habit of brushing teeth twice a day has been found to be effective and sufficient in terms of protecting dental health.

When buying a toothbrush, care should be taken that it is smooth and small-headed, and has moderate or soft bristles. However, it is not true that the toothbrush has a certain angle or that additional parts should be attached. All of the toothpastes on the market today provide the necessary oral hygiene. Intense abrasive substances in toothpastes specially produced for smokers can cause discoloration by eroding the enamel layer of the tooth in long-term use.

The way of brushing teeth varies from individual to individual, and it is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the junction of the teeth with the gums. To clean this area, place the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees and make circular movements. Although applying too much pressure to the teeth and gums may make the person feel more clean, it should be avoided as it may cause gum recession and wear on the teeth. For this reason, the teeth should be brushed using a soft brush without pressing too much. The inner surface of the teeth should be brushed similarly and the chewing parts should be cleaned last. For an effective tooth brushing, teeth should be brushed for 2 minutes.